Polycard EZ Release Museum Membership Cards & Zoo Membership Cards

Poly EZ Release Membership Cards

The Poly EZ Release membership card is the perfect solution for those looking for a durable thin gauge plastic card at a reasonable priced option for membership programs. Poly EZ Release membership cards from Consolidated Document Solutions are the perfect choice for our non-profit and business customers who are looking for an adhesive-free membership card.

The Poly EZ Release membership card is a 7.5 mil polyester plastic membership card with an EZ release feature that does not utilize glue to adhere the card to the carrier. It allows for excellent printing as well as the ability to image in high speed and desktop laser printers. With the capability to format up to 6 cards per sheet, the Poly EZ Release membership cards are the perfect upgrade for your membership program.

Poly EZ Release Membership Card Highlights

Great for Desktop and High-Speed Printing
Durable 7.5 mil Polyester Plastic
Glue / Adhesive Free
EZ Release Feature for Clean Peel-Off
Great for Non-Profits and Businesses