Simply Upload Your Files

It’s easy to send your files to Consolidated Document Solutions:

    1. Either drag your files directly onto the area to the right, or click “Browse Files” to select the file you would like to send us.
    2. Please fill out all information requested. In the message field please let us know the file type, quantity of your order, printing process, due date, and anything else you want us to know about your project.
    3. Select your file and click “Upload File”

* If you have more than one file please combine them into one folder and compress it prior to upload. Following are links to the most popular compression software applications: StuffIt and PKZip.

If you have any questions please contact your sales representative.

Please note: Any file modification or manipulation necessary for accurate output may incur a handling charge. You will be notified by your sales representative prior to any cost incurring handling.